Trend Alert: 2020’s Trendy Hair Colors!

Deciding the color of hair is as important an issue for us as it is for us to decide the hairstyle. Recent research shows that women want to change their hair color at least twice a year and have the hair color that suits them most. The most important factor in deciding hair color is skin color and this is accompanied by eye color. When women decide a new hair color, we care about new trends. In this article we want to talk about your favorite hair colors.

When we go to our hair salon to dye our hair, we would like to see a new trend hair color in ourselves. However, we can sometimes fail to calculate how this hair color will look and whether our selection will match our skin color. As a result, we are unfortunately faced with the risk of being disappointed. That’s why we want to show you in detail what pictures of hair color are compatible with which skin color and how great results are produced.

Here are the most popular and preferred hair colors and hair color names of 2019 and 2020:

Red hair color

This color is often suited to people with white skin. Especially women with colored eyes prefer this color to highlight eye colors. Red color is obtained by the mixture of copper and crimson, it has many shades of light and dark. Since it flows very quickly from the hair, its use requires a little more care. In order to settle the color, hair is dyed in 15-20 days periods and the color is fixed. Long-haired women can be said to look more pleasant. It can also be used as a makeup for red hair.

Light Auburn

Light brown hair color is more suited to white skin. Again, we can say that it looks nice in brown skins. In addition, you can use this color by applying ombre to the ends of the hair except to apply it to all hair. It is one of the most comfortable open select colors to apply and use.

Dark auburn

This hair color is the natural hair color of many women in our country and especially befits our wheat-skinned women. It is a color between black and brown. It is possible to say that the women who generally want to look natural prefer this color.

Ash Blonde

This hair color, which is especially preferred by light-skinned ladies, is a color that can be obtained by combining light-tone shimmings to brown hair colors in different shades.


It is a hair color that is very popular among women because it is suitable for all skin colors and adds a natural look to the wearer. Again, we can inform the ladies who want to use this color that they can easily obtain at home. It is available in many different colors. It is preferable to use red shimmers in this natural color.

Copper Hair Color

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