Holographic Trend: How to Make Space Makeup

Of course, as time flows and periods change, the phenomenon of make-up disguised as a disguise enters into crazy forms. If you’re an innovator in everything, then here’s the space makeup.

Here are the stunning space makeup tips!

Metallic Colors With You

Since last season we know how bright and hollogram colors and especially silver shades are in trend in fashion and makeup. That’s why the new trend of space metallic make-up is also used in silver metallic colors and you need to get a palette full of silver colors in your hand. Spread your matte foundation homogeneously on your face as the first move and powder your face with the powder suitable for your skin, then apply your eye illuminator in the form of an inverted triangle. Then paint your eyelids with a silver metallic gray headlamp. Then brush your eyelashes with mascara where you have plenty of mascara. Brighten the top of your forehead with your illuminator. Fill your eyebrows with your eyebrow pencil.

Black Lipstick Important for Hollogram Space Makeup

Take your black, metallic shimmer-free opaque black lipstick, center your lips and fill in your lips without moving them. Finally, take the metallic gray eyeshadow that you use in your eyes and put 1 – 2 coats on your lipstick. Your hologram space make-up is ready.

The name is why space makeup! We’re not talking about going out into space and doing makeup, of course. Recently, the theme of space has appeared in social media, season trends and even street style. Gray metallic clothes, metallic nail polishes, hair and metallic makeup … Even the world-famous model Gigi Hadid space-themed cover shoot when we said ‘okay’.

We are sure that you will catch this crazy trend from the edge to the edge. Because it’s impossible not to fall under the spell of metallic lipsticks!

Here are some space makeup ideas just for you!

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