Diamond Ring Cutting Types – Diamond Features

Apart from the carat (0.20 carat, 0.50 carat) feature that we have paid the most attention to today, the shape of the cut also affects the quality. Moreover, the diamond ring cut shape, the only feature that affects the glow of human touch. in this week, diamond cutting feature under the magnifying glass.
Diamond, which is the raw form of diamond, is mature under the soil for centuries, far from human. There is almost all the features. Until he went up to earth and got a good hand. In addition to the carat feature that the diamond enthusiast first paid attention to, the cut is a feature that varies according to the skill of the master who will shape the diamond. Because the diamond cutting feature is the biggest factor affecting the sparkle of the diamond.
Diamond is known as the shape of the diamond (crown, belt, ash) is called form; in this way, it consists of 57 facets (called angled surfaces and provides light reflection). Therefore, it requires real mastery. There are few good craftsmen in the world today.

Diamond is also cut in different ways. These diamond cut shapes are the most important factor in refractions, reflections, in short, sparkle. Let’s have a look!

Round Cut; The oldest and the most common is, of course, the round section. It is also very efficient in terms of sparkle and almost unlimited.

Oval Cut; It is also among the most preferred, and its glow is close to the round section.

Marquise Cut; Due to its shape, it shows the finger thinner and longer; makes the diamond look larger.

Pear Cut; Drop cuts, which are often used in other models rather than rings, are distinctive and captivating.

Heart Cut; The heart figure representing love is also present in the diamond segment. It transforms your diamond jewelery into a special design.

Baguette Cut; The major feature of this cut is the shape of the cut on the edges. While it is mostly preferred in wedding ring models in our country, when considered as a single stone, it will be a marginal model choice.

Emerald Cut; The emerald cut, which takes its place among the fancy cuts, can be made in two ways as square and rectangular. Only stone quality (color-color and clarity-clarity) is very important in this section. Because it is a cut that emphasizes the features in diamond stone. It is preferred by those who love less brightness.

Princess Cut – diamond ring

The princess cut which ranks second after the round cut in terms of preference has a very intense glow due to the high number of facets. Among the choices with its modern appearance, it has justified its place.

Asscher Cut; This cut was realized by Joseph Asscher (1902) on behalf of Asscher company and it was realized as the first patented diamond cut. In 2001, Edward and Joop were introduced to the world by the Asscher brothers and are quite a special segment. It is possible to find international certificates such as HRD, GIA. Cut; because of its shape, it focuses in the center of the diamond stone. Another interesting feature is the Royal Asscher logo, which is laser engraved on the product. So cut the original asscher, but there are antique dealers.

Cushion Cut; The most important feature of this section is that it consists of round and square sections. The facets are used wider and have rounded edges. This cut is a modern cut which was developed in order to increase the diamond sparkle.

Radiant Cut; This shape, which has a shape close to the emerald section, was developed in order to capture the luminosity that the square preferred in the round section. The number of facets is also high (70). Because of all these properties, it has a color intensifying effect. Therefore, it is recommended to be preferred in colored diamond models.

Apart from the above-mentioned sections, there are also sections. However, we preferred those which are intensely preferred and known. In ancient times, cutting forms are increasing as technology progresses. At Roberto Bene Diamond you can find the cut and carat products you want. Different and wide options are waiting for you.

We wish you plenty of glittering days…

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