Choosing nail polish by skin color: Which color is yours?

How to choose nail polish by skin color? It’s time to choose nail-polish based on skin color. When you choose the nail-polish colors that are suitable for your skin while coloring your nails, that color will look more beautiful on your nails. If the nail-polish you see on magazine pages or friends doesn’t look as good as you’d expect, maybe it’s not your color. So, what color is your nail polish? After learning the makeup shades for each skin, you can start to apply nail polishes suitable for skin color.

Choosing nail polish by skin color

Nail polish recommendations for light skin

The most suitable nail style for light-skinned women is french manicure. You will not be able to separate your eyes from your nails with this style that will make your hands look clean and elegant. If you want to apply colored nail polish, you should choose yellow sub-tone nail polish. Dark shades of pink, plum and red will suit your hands. Bronze and metal colors should not choose too much.

Wheat skinned

The sweetest color of summer, the color of peach is your color! You can put peach and tile colors on your fingernails and bring your hands to the fore. In winter, you should try every shade of red. Especially the shades of red with copper are cut out for you! If you like different manicure styles, you should try the golden color.

Dark skinned

All nail polishes in brown shades will make you look more attractive. Metallic and copper nail polishes will shine brightly on your nails, but you should stay away from the shades of gold. In addition to these, vivid colors such as blue and orange will suit your hands very well, you should not be afraid to try.

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