10 Different Ways to Wear the White T-shirt!

To compose cool outfits without getting too much in the head, nothing better than to opt for good old basics of the wardrobe in comfortable materials.
The white t-shirt is the basic that will help you to wear a nice outfit without thinking too much, so that you feel comfortable and attractive in your outfits.

It’s a timeless piece that will always give you so much joy, so do not deprive yourself from it.
Just learn how to use it to make it the basis of your most chic, casual and comfortable outfits.

Here are different ways to wear the white t shirt

What’s easier than to marry a white t-shirt?

Universal, it adapts to all styles, from casual to dressed. It is a must in a wardrobe.
With a sleek or loose white t-shirt, it’s easy to create a casual look.
If your t-shirt is a loose t-shirt and you want it bent, do not run to buy one. Tie it down on one side. This knot will bring a glamorous and casual touch.

With jeans
Whether it’s boyfriend, slim, or bootcut, jeans is the oldest ally of the white t-shirt.
Associated with sneakers, it gives a more casual side.
With slim jeans or bootcut, choose a loose t-shirt to create a loose effect to accentuate the casual and unstructured.

With shorts
For a more summery style, pair the white t-shirt with shorts.
Thanks to the white color of the t-shirt, all styles of shorts can adapt.
For an American style, opt for denim shorts.
A fluid, plain or printed shorts will fit just as well.
The fluidity of the shorts, combined with the white t-shirt, will bring a summer touch and will undoubtedly remind you of your sunny summer days.
Worn with sneakers or sandals, the combination of white t-shirt and shorts will bring you a casual and simple look.

With a skirt
The pencil skirt is the perfect ally of the white t-shirt to create a chic classic outfit.
Opt for a high-waisted skirt stopping at the knee to reveal your shins.

The white t-shirt can be both loose-fitting and well-waisted.

The loose t-shirt will break the strict side of the pencil skirt, while the bent will accentuate it.
Choose the color and patterns of the skirt. With a white t-shirt no restrictions, it will follow all your desires.
In the dressed look, the accessories bring a real plus. Opt for pretty jewelry. For example, a beautiful necklace glamorizes a t-shirt.

With Classic Pants

It’s easy to wear an ultra-slim, round-neck white t-shirt with high-waisted cigarette pants.
The handbag, the sandals and why not a pair of earrings and a bracelet and more are perfect elements to enhance the entire outfit.

With a dress
The white t-shirt under the dress with thin straps is a real star of fashion in recent years.
Often in lace or in a nightie style, the evening dress does not leave our white t-shirt and makes us straight back in the 90s.
Dresses are not the only centerpieces of this new fashion. Indeed Caracos laces also let themselves be tempted by the white tee
True fashion or trick to put his summer outfits in winter, in both cases, this fashion has not finished inspiring some.

with a short leather skirt
You can wear your t-shirt inside or outside the skirt
The material of the skirt, the shoes and the rings add a touch connected to the whole outfit.

With a kimono

The kimono is a key piece of the bohemian look. Often ethnic print, it brings a new motif in the outfit. For this reason, it is best to choose a plain white tee so as not to weigh down the outfit.

With a jackets

To keep a casual style, try the white tee with a flowing kimono jacket.
Printed or plain, the kimono brings a dynamic touch to the white tee.
It will also recall the bohemian look.

With overalls

In recent years, the overalls are back again.
And this is not to displease his best friend, the white t-shirt.
Whether denim or fabric, the white tee under the overalls will fit perfectly.
In overalls, the bent t-shirt is preferred so as not to give too much volume to your upper body.
For a casual look, prefer a pair of basketball shoes, white or colored depending on the color of the overalls.

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